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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Field Report

A promising stoop sale day was cut short by some spitting, irresolute rain. I could have stuck it out, but when the items you want are made of paper, it's best to know when you're beaten. Thankfully the first two sales were great and required a trip home to drop off my loot.

I picked up a near complete run of Neil Gaiman's Sandman #1-70 plus specials, annuals and spinoffs. Might fill in the 3 or 4 missing issues and auction as a lot.

Also, a pile of Glenn Danzig's Verotik comics (Probably have to try eBay's adult categories for those)

Some Beatnik and Acid lit, including a copy of Jack Black's brutal hobo memoir You Can't Win with a Joe Coleman cover. Gonna give that one a read. A first paperback edition, first printing of the Ballantine Hobbit.

A nice little pile of Vintage Jim Thompson and Dave Goodis (all for me!).

Plus some Abrams and Rizolli architecture titles.

No complaints. A Good day.

I ran into a friend while out and I asked her if she wanted to come along. Seeing the load I was carrying she said I "didn't want company, just a pack mule". I swear the sky opened. A mule would be my perfect business partner. No jealousy or competition for merchandise, I could let him graze in the park, kids could ride as a haggling tool....Anyone have a burro for barter?

UPDATE: That Mask of Medusa by John Hejduk is a rarie. I don't feel too irrational asking $400 for it. Esoteric Architecture titles never let you down.

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