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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Health Insurance Alternatives

If you're like many used booksellers, you probably work for a small shop or are self-employed and "health insurance" consists of looking both ways before you cross the street, and not touching the handle on the men's room door. If so, I have just the book for you--

Treatment, or Healing by True Prayer by F. L. Rawson (Society for Spreading the knowledge of True Prayer, London 1922)

In it the author recommends using modern diagnostic methods together with the "rifled barrel" of targeted prayer to treat your ills... to deny them existence actually.

Reproduced here are a few prayers for ailments common to the bookseller:

HAY FEVER: There is no hay fever, for man is spiritual and perfect. There are no irritating substances, for each idea of God, from the infinite to the infinitesimal, benefits and ministers to man. There is no "running at the nose," for God controls and directs all activity in accordance with His omnipresent law.

HERNIA: There is no rupture, man is spiritual, complete and perfect. There are no weakened muscles. There is no weakness in the abdominal wall. Man's muscles were never separated. Man's bowels are never out of place, man's bowels are the knowledge of God as soul, working perfectly and divinely.

NEAR-SIGHTEDNESS: There are no flattened eyeballs, man's eyeballs are spiritual and perfect. There are no weakened muscles. There is no hardening of the eyeballs, man's eyeballs are spiritual, perfect, pure and holy.

IMPURE THOUGHTS: There are no impure thoughts, man is spiritual, always doing what is right. Man has no desires, man has everything he needs.

INCOME TAX REPORTS: There is no difficulty in preparing reports. There are no mistakes, man reflects divine wisdom, intelligence and knowledge, grouping together God's ideas into perfect combinations, which he presents to his fellow man.

CONSTIPATION: There is no constipation, man's food is the ideas of God which continually unfold to man, with perfect ease and perfect regularity. Man's bowels are channels in consciousness through which God's ideas, when grouped together, pass. Man's muscles are God's thought forces, having absolute power and strength, working perfectly, working divinely.

There. feeling better? Pardon me, I have some ideas to channel.