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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shipping increase

So i just updated the shipping on 92.67% of my nearly 1700 eBay store listings. It only took me about 3hrs to do, but a day and a half to choose between all of eBay's broken, beta, or undocumented tools.

Finally, using the (very fussy) online bulk-editing tool, and Firefox tabbed browsing, I got it done. I actually ended up LOWERING my shipping in most cases since I had been padding my flat rate international shipping to make up for the hits from elephant folios shipped to Outer Mongolia.

Now I have a disclaimer in my listing stating that oversize books may incur additional shipping charges. I think this is more fair for the buyer, won't entail too much additional work for me and might make my listings more attractive.

Alright back for the last 7.33%.

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