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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Zine Review: Ghosts of Ready Reference

I received a packet of 'zines from Love Bunni Press. They were all smart and charming but the ones that really grabbed me were two issues of a librarian produced 'zine called Ghosts of Ready Reference.

The 'zine details everyday life at the reference desk of a public library and describes the recurring characters (and they are Characters) who float in and out. "Mad Margaret" (a cranky autodidact), "Walker, Texas Ranger" (who lost his mother and needs the proper reference work to find her), and "Babyface" (a middle-aged infant, seething with anger) are just a few of the characters you'll meet.

I've never worked in a library, but I've paid my dues in bookstores and the unnamed librarian in this 'zine has a real knack for capturing the feeling that you've been unwillingly stuffed in the middle of a Samuel Beckett play that runs for 8 hours every week day. Libraries and bookstores are magnets for lonely people who can't get attention anywhere else. You're trapped behind a counter and they will be satisfied.

Highly recommended. Try the Love Bunni website or send a SASE and a dollar or two here:

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