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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

9,000 and counting

So I just listed my 9,000th book: Motor Trend Magazine (May, 1953). I know this makes me a piker compared to some megasellers, but for a one-man operation, it feels like a milestone (not as big a stone as 10,000 mind you, but I'm impatient).

Not counting grouped eBay lots, I've sold 4833 books. That's a 53.7 sell-through (up from the mid-40s before I opened my eBay store), with an average sale price of $26.40 (down from about $28 pre-Ebay store).

This is probably absolutely thrilling to the non-booksellers out there but it is good to run the figures every once in a while.

If I want to kick it up a notch, I am going to need to either A) hire an employee B) raise my minimum resale price for the books I acquire or C) get another big score (the buy that got me started in this business was for several TONS of books).

I can only really control two of those factors and I am temperamentally disinclined to one of those.... I have some thinking to do.

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