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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eBay Unpaid Item Phishing Scam

Just woke up to find a new eBay phishing email in my inbox. It's a falsified UNPAID ITEM REMINDER. Haven't seen this one before:

Checking a UK-based anti-phishing site called MillerSmiles (which seems very handy), it looks like this scam was first reported this April.

Most people with internet businesses should know to never click on an unfamiliar link, even--actually ESPECIALLY--if the source appears legit. You should alway cut-and-paste the link into your browser (and NEVER enter your password information), or better yet, try to search the information independently on the supposed originating site (in this case I just looked on the MY EBAY page to see that no dispute had been opened against me and that the item number was inauthentic).

Since I've never received an unpaid item reminder, and don't know what the real deal looks like, this scam had the potential to hook me if I didn't always follow the above principles.

I wonder if any scammers are actually buying low dollar items and then sending falsified total requests/shipping questions/etc to the seller? That might get me....but scammers are probably too cheap for that, and it would leave a bigger trail.

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