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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Field Report

Looks like a local dungeon-dweller just got married or had a kid because there was a huge shelf-full of role-playing manuals and modules at my local Salvation Army.

Most of them were fairly common but I made a nice pile of Thieves' World, Middle Earth, and Lankhmar material. I also found a module based on the Watchmen comic book (which must have D-lighted Alan Moore), two Robert Jordan first printings for an eBay lot, a like-new Federation and Empire boxed strategy game, and--a sentimental favorite of mine--Bored of the Rings.

When I was a kid my parents were obsessed with Tolkien. We even had a dog named Beorn, after the shape-changing, bear-man in the hobbit. Needless to say, I rejected LOTR out of hand and didn't read it until just before the Peter Jackson movies came out (when I was working for a science fiction publisher and couldn't fake it anymore). I did read Harvard Lampoon's Bored of the Rings though. I mostly remember that the Hobbits (Dildo, Frito and Spam) spend most of the book looking for quaaludes. The cover is a funny riff on the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, which I collect now.

It's a sad comment on my life that even on my birthday, I end up lugging a forty pound bag of Dungeons & Dragons books 3 miles uphill. But it's my burden and you can't bear it for me Spam.

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