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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Field Report

Decent scouting this weekend.

More stuff for my own library and eBay lots, than the FPVs (Fixed Price Venues) though.

Found the Ballantine Adult Fantasy LOTR trilogy in the slipcase. I'm keeping the case (even though it doesn't go with my 1st printings) because it has the full Barbara Remington art as a wraparound. Montague Summers' The Werewolf (Summers was a real life Van Helsing-type and did a number of "non-fiction" accounts of Vampires, Witches, etc. Necessary volumes in any slayer library). A number of chess titles in a free box. A Concordance to the Poems of Andrew Marvell ("Condordance" is a flashpoint that booksellers should be aware of). And a rare martial arts title Advanced Karate by Masutatsu Oyama. I pick up martial arts manuals automatically, especially hand-selected libraries from small or overseas publishers.

My favorite find of the day was Sexual Problems of To-day by William Robinson. In listing the chapter titles, I came across this information that should give anyone pause.

From the Chapter "Automobiling and Sexual Impotence":
The sexual weakness in [the] cases developed from three months to 3 years after to the addiction to the speed mania. It is possible that there were other causes. Sexual impotence is not rare in people who have never enjoyed an automobile ride. [However] we know that two of the greatest cause of sexual debility are worry and strain, and the strain of the person who drives a car at the rate of thirty or forty miles an hour is certainly very great. We should do our utmost to spread this knowledge among the automobilists. We know how conscienceless and foolhardy some of them are. Human life is nothing to them.
Full text here.

So THAT'S why great granpa always drove so slow.

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