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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to Pack Books with a Fresh Direct Box, Part 1

I promised a few posts back to talk about Fresh Direct boxes and how useful they can be for the bookseller. Fresh Direct is an internet grocery store that delivers food to your home. They have a nice selection of fresh / organic food, it's cheaper than B+M grocery stores, and it's easy to reorder the same items.

Anyway they deserve the plug cause it's a great service, but what I really want to talk about are the boxes the food comes in:

I find these all over my neighborhood on recycling day (and a few neighbors save them for me). They're always clean and bundled together, they're easy to spot with the distinctive green lettering, and they come in two standard sizes that are perfect for oversize books. The shorter box is good for filling and stacking (strong, not too heavy when full), and, by cutting the boxes down with a utility knife, you can make them into corner protectors / stiffeners for shipping.

First (with the box flattened) cut off the four long flaps:

You can fold and tape this around a standard / trade-size book and it will protect the corners in transit.

[Note that the book is first wrapped in plastic. This waterproofs the book and stops the tape from harming it.]

Look for the thrilling conclusion "How to Pack Books with a Fresh Direct Box, Part 2"!

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