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Friday, June 15, 2007

More Wonderful/Horrible Things

The new issue of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet (the 'zine arm of Gavin Grant and Kelly Link's bounteous Small Beer Press) contains an essay from me entitled "11 Wonderful/Horrible Things Found While Bookscouting".

It was great fun picking and sequencing the list but, since a good rock album can only have 11 songs, there were some outtakes. Here are the bonus tracks.

12. A half-melted Barbie doll wrapped in a bed sheet.

13. An VF/NM copy of Robert Heinlein's 6th Column. Signed and inscribed in the year of publication.

14. A three-ring binder of gay-porn obsessively indexed by endownment and ethnicity.

15. A 5-foot-square, outsider-architect blueprint of a Home for Elderly Women. Designed on a wagon wheel model, each spoke of the building was separated by a garden filled with flora and fauna from diverse climates. Each window on the plan was labeled with a peculiar combination of design styles ("Afgahni/Chinese" for instance) and the plan was very specific about bunk-beds for the fragile tennants.

16. A brown paper bag containing a homemade, 8mm sex movie, together with a mimeo'd copy of letter to a local judge offering this film as definitive proof that the letter-writer's "reproductive reservoir was damaged while lifting an empty(?) box at his dish-washing job. He goes on to state that he "wants a nice little lawsuit with no one getting hurt or catching any diseases."

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