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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zombie Commute

So Alice (my GF + DP) woke me the other night to tell me she had a zombie dream. This is a woman who can't stand horror films and still has traumatic memories of 28 days later which she saw more than 5 years ago. Why does SHE have all the luck.
"The zombies were like the ones in 28 days later - quick moving, and you didn't want to be even scraped by one otherwise you would be infected and have to be killed pdq. They were in NYC and for some reason were not really taking over - they were just relegated to certain areas. The zombies weren't really kept there in any way, there were just certain areas that you knew had zombies and you avoided like crazy. I think most people were carrying guns (maybe not too different than reality) so we thought we had to get guns as well, so we could shoot the zombies as they were coming at us.

There were two places in the dream where we would encounter the zombies. One was on the subway at an above-ground stop between Brooklyn and Queens (natch), and the other was in some additional room in a house I guess we lived in.

The subway zombies were scary because the subway was regular--full of commuters etc.--but then at this one stop zombies would ricochet into the car and start ripping people apart. The MTA's solution was to open both sides of the train at this stop and hopefully the zombies would shoot through or the passengers would just try push them out. In the dream we went on this subway line a few times and each time we came to this stop we had a strategy for where to stand to avoid being the ones pulled from the car and infected/eaten.

The second place the zombies were was in the additional room. We tried to avoid this room because we knew that was where a zombie would be. Each time we would have to shoot our way in (I guess we had guns by that point). It would just be one zombie in the room, but each time we went back there would be a new one.

The conclusion of the dream was that we saw a group of people walking down the street doing some kind of incantation (maybe?? I don't know - they were chanting) and then the next time we kicked the door open to the door way there was no zombie - just a cute black cat that ran out
into our house.

What a happy ending."

Actually the kitty-kat in my house ending is absolutely chilling for me. Dander is much more infectious than a zombie plague. Love the part about the open subways doors. If you live in NYC, you know that this is exactly how the MTA would confront a Zombie apocalypse.

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