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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another Antiquarian Titan

The Heritage Bookshop of Los Angeles, CA is closing its doors after 44 years in business. Never set foot in the store myself but it sounds and looks like it was a worthy spot for a pilgrimage.

In contrast to the flaming, Jerry-Bruckheimeresque wreck of the Gotham Book Mart, the Weinstein brothers (Brooklyn natives) are closing their store happily and voluntarily.

Despite uninspiring claims that "neither one of them is intellectual or a reader" and their own statement that they "didn’t enter the business because [they] wanted to pursue knowledge" it's heartening to see someone bring a graceful close to a career spent in rare books.

The Brothers reference library comprising "12,000 volumes, including bibliographies, auction records and books on books....will remain intact at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library."

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