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Monday, July 2, 2007

eBay Malaise

David Steiner of just posted an illuminating and depressing account of the results of eBay's hamfisted tinkering with store searchs, listing fees, and careless placement of competing advertisements. Lots of drooping graphs and an insightful history of the last year or so in the eBay marketplace.

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Anonymous said...

Found your site through BookThinker--then David Steiner's excellent article! Thanks so much for covering this problem confronting eBay stores! As someone who reduced store listings from 1600+ before the fee increase in August 2006 to less than 500 after the increase, I'm not surprised at anything in the article. Of course most savvy stores people know the site is broken, probably irreparably. Dropping the agreement with Google will almost certainly hurt. New leadership at eBay might slow the downward trend a bit. Eventually a new auction site will push eBay aside in the U.S.