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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Field Report

It was so hot this past weekend that I completed neglected stoop sales...or going outside for any reason whatsoever, so this is more a "crap that showed up at my door" report.

Thank god for eBay, the 24-hour garage sale.

Picked up a very nice assortment of high-grade Dell Mapbacks that will be creeping into my inventory over the next few days. Also an interesting mixed lot of romances that contained some HTF gothics and ghost titles that I didn't know about until now (Anne Stuart's first novel Barrett's Hill, and Ghost in the Swing by Janet Patton Smith). GITS looks like a creepy novel from a kid's perspective about being haunted by a dead sister. People must have very vivid memories of this book, since it's a just a mass market from the '70s but commands around $100. I'll probably give that one a read if I find a lower grade copy.

Also on the paperback front, I also acquired a couple of very rare transgender pulps from the 50s; Half by Jordan Park (aka Cyril Kornbluth), and Man into Woman by Niels Hoyer. Lastly Gore Vidal's pseudonymously penned thriller Thieves Fall Out, which I've been trying to land for a while.

Good stuff. Ah, the humble paperback...Don't they look like candy, all stacked up like that?

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