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Monday, July 9, 2007

Metal House

My aunt--who's an Upstate Indiana Jones of auctions and abandoned houses--sent me this photo of a residence(?) in Greenfield, New York.

This is the most unsettling building I've ever seen. What the hell is it for? I'm betting it's a black-ops torture barn (with recycling bins for people bits)...either that or a very poorly disguised Decepticon.

She's promised me more photos from her adventures so stay tuned...


disco boy said...

strangely enough, i've been obsessed with this house since i saw in in archetectual record back in 1993. i'm a record collector and sort of agorophobe who would love... love... love to fill that library with my collection. that place looks like a big chunk of space junk that fell from the sky. i welcome any more photos you can provide. at one time, i found it on google maps, but don't remember the coordinates anymore.

that house is bad ass.

Anonymous said...

hello i driven by this house almost daily its quite is in greenfield ny off of green rd... if you drove out from saratoga springs to 9/maple ave which turns into saratoga road/route 9 heading into gansevoort by way of parkhurst rd then left onto wilton rd then first right onto green rd youll find this houses location on the left about 200 yds up rd if you dont see it look closely its easy to drive by from the road.-anonymous