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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Santa Tag

Just found this Christmas tag / presentation bookplate inside Lives of Our Presidents: From Washington to Wilson for Young People by Charles Morris (Winston, 1913).

It's charmingly signed "From 'Big William' with love from the Little Bartlums, Christmas 1924".

Is it just me or does Santa have angry eyes?

Clearly I'm suffering from a holiday disconnect.


Lew Jaffe said...

I enjoyed reading your July 4th posting and thought you might enjoy mine also.

Lew Jaffe Philadelphia, Pa.

William Smith said...

Thanks Lew. I've been keeping an eye on your blog as well. I just added a link to you in my "Book Arts" section at right. I have a back log of bookplates that I've been accumulating. I'll try to dig them out and post more.