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Saturday, August 4, 2007

The August 6 New Yorker...

has three very bookseller-friendly articles. Michael Specter's "Damn Spam" is a good account of the history and current front lines of the spam war (until I read this it hadn't occurred to me that the better the spam-catching technology, the more spam is created and sent); Elizabeth Kolbert's "Stung" addresses Colony Collapse Disorder in bees and gives an overview of the history of apiculture (always a flashpoint for booksellers); Lastly Benjamin Kunkel provides a short biography of author Robert Walser, who seems insufferable and fascinating in equal measure. Walser's fiction reads as if Bartleby the Scrivener had broken his silence and taken up pen.

I usually whip through the New Yorker in about 10 minutes but this was one of those rare issues that follow me from the bathroom to the bedroom (TMI? Yes, I believe so).

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