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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bookshop Blog Contributor

I was recently invited to contribute to the Bookshop Blog, maintained by Zeeba Books of Montreal. If you're not reading it already, BSB is a clearing-house for useful ideas and resources for the bookseller (both online and B&M). It's only a few weeks old, but there are already a number of valuable articles posted.

My first post for BSB went up today. It's a short testimonial on why you should always look through the ad pages at the rear of old books (thanks to the BSB editor for providing the graphic).

I'll continue my free associative ranting here and send any self-contained, polished nuggets of wisdom I turn up over to the Bookshop Blog.

1 comment:

Bruce - BSB editor said...

William, first post at Bookshop blog is nice. You had me going around my shop checking in on some older stock. I didn't find anything valuable but did come across some old ads that were a treat to look at, thanks.