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Monday, August 20, 2007

Brian Lehrer Show: Take My Books, Please!

The Brian Lehrer show this morning featured several booksellers in a segment about emotional attachment to books and how to cut the cord when they take over your life.

The pieces was related to a New York Times article by Alina Tugend (which will go behind a paywall soon) and featured: Fred Bass of The Strand; the dude from a Midwestern bookstore who torched his crap stock in an "art" "protest" against declining literacy (his 30-second, incoherent rant proved him every bit the pretentious d-bag I expected); and photographer Marc Joseph who authored a coffee table book on used bookstores called New and Used.

Several callers offered anecdotes from lives walled-in by books and offered tips on letting go.

Interesting listening for those in the trade.

Too late, I overcame my public speaking anxiety and called in. The lines were full. But I posted a comment here. I just realized I forgot two of the best ways to keep your shelves under reign. 1) Give books to friends who you know will read them. Then talk about the book with that friend. 2) Become a bookdealer.

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