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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buffy Spin-off

I'm starting to hear noise that the long rumored BBC Buffy spin-off is back in the works.

Entitled "Ripper" (after Giles' punkish teenage nickname) the show "will follow Buffy's mentor ...after he decides to come out of retirement in his native England to solve ghost stories and other mysteries".

The show is slated for production next year. Something to look forward to. "Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea."

Hopefully it will follow the standard BBC format of a 6-episode arc with a long break in between. I often thought that Buffy would have benefited from that.

Speaking of Buffy spin-offs, I've been reading Whedon's "Buffy: Season 8", the comic book follow-up to the 7 televised seasons.

It sometimes captures the spirit of the show, but it lays on the fannish detail too thick, and implausibly tries to ramp up a couple of forgotten/secondary characters into major villains. This makes the project feels hermetic in a way that the emotionally and metaphorically rich early episodes of the show never did.

And is it too much to ask for Dark Horse to find competent artists? In single panels the figures resemble the show's cast, but they're so inconsistently modeled, that between panels you frequently lose track of who or what you're looking at. This is a large problem given the importance in Whedon's writing of snappy patter and quirky reaction shots. And forget trying to figure out what kind flip-triple-gainer-limbo-slide Buffy used to get from one place to another. Convincing dynamic action is a lost art in modern super-hero comics.

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