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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Elizabeth and Ben Lieberman Bookplate 1941

Just found this beautiful and homey bookplate inside a collection of short film scripts called One-Reel Scenarios from 1938.

Looks like it was drawn from a photo. I love that the owner info "The Library of Elizabeth and Ben Lieberman, est 1941" appears backwards since it's written on the outside of the library window. I played with this on my bookmark/logo but I wasn't brave enough to force people to read it backwards.

I haven't Googled too deeply, but it looks like the Liebermans were the proprietors of the Herity Press that specialized in books about printing. Also they were the one time owners of the Kelmscott/Goudy Albion iron hand printing press that was used by famed designer William Morris.

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Bruce said...

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