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Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Galleries

I just added several more book galleries, titled the photos (including book title, year and cover artist when known) and broke them into semi-logical sets. Have a looksee if you've some time to kill.

I added a permanent link to these Flickr sets in the sidebar at right (below "About Me"). I'll quietly make new additions as I find things

NOTE: I realize the 3/4, askew angle isn't ideal for showing-off cover art but these were existing photos, meant to indicate book condition as much as design. In the future I may take photos straight-on if I include them in the gallery.

ALSO NOTE: Many of these faithful and adorable books are available for adoption. I would let them go to good homes in exchange for donations to continue my good work. Search the book titles here if you're interested in something.

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