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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jim Palmer - Hard-Boiled Regency Cop

Since everyone seems to like my galleries of pulp fiction art and book eye-candy, I thought I would start another set covering the dark side of book design. This set will include the most crap-looking books I can find.

I'm not going to dig through my stacks or anything (because that would take more effort than was expended creating these atrocities) but as they find me, I'll share the horror.

My first entry is Die, Lover by Harry Whittington (Uni Book / Modern Promotions 1960). This cover would probably warrant inclusion for its badly printed, sub-Kincaidian painting alone, but when you read the copy (click image for larger version) you realize this art has absolutely nothing to do with the text. The cover features two pensive-looking, courtly lovers, traipsing about a dewy country estate; the book inside is about a tough cop driven by a lust for revenge.

So wrong genre, wrong historical period by century or two...nicely done Uni Book. I'll keep my eyes peeled for your fine publications.


John Klima said...

That's fantastic! I'm loving all your book covers! I wish I could get a post of them all or something.

William Smith said...

You can subscribe to all my flickr posts via RSS here:

You will be in definite danger of receiving holiday snaps though.

William Smith said...

Whoops. Make that: