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Saturday, September 8, 2007

...Just Dynamic Tension

They Got Their Kicks from Forbidden Feats of Strength

Most men fall in love with women. But some men fall in love with themselves--men like the weight-lifters of muscle beach.

For these body worshippers, their physique is their fortune. Whether it's being exhibited performing feats of strength, or leered at in glossy photos by thrill-seekers of every sex and taste, there's big money in those biceps. And it's often dirty money!

Teen-ager Jerry carpenter found that out when he, for kicks and vanity, got himself involved in the sordid dealings of a notorious photographer and the strange characters that surrounded him.

What you've heard about in whispers is frankly, startlingly revealed in MUSCLE BOY, a novel that bares the naked truth about the Beefcake Kings.


Wow! It would take a "forbidden feat of strength" to keep me from reading this.


David said...

That looks awesome! I'd love to read that one. Nice blog here, mister.

William Smith said...

It was awesome actually. Kind of Hellfire Club / Sadean undertones, big gothic finish, but with catty muscle boys. I meant to do a full review but it got away from me.

Glad you like the blog...In the process of checking out yours.