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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Three Bookplates

Some new bookplate acquisitions.

This first one is my favorite to date. A stylized Art Nouveau / Deco ship on a stormy sea. If I'm reading the lettering correctly it was designed for (or by) "AMO Peet", "From My Mother's Library".

The next two are less stylized (and probably off-the-rack) but still nice.

An arboreal scene with a bookcase frame, belonging to "Sylvia Kraunz."

Lastly an astrologically-themed "Leo" bookplate with some nice Roman columns, belonging to "Helen M. Brown" an editor at Doubleday until the 1990s.


Erin said...

Those are great, I love bookplates

Anonymous said...

Do you remove the bookplates from the books or leave them intact and glued?

William Smith said...

It depends on the book (and the plate). If the book is common or in poor condition, I'll sacrifice it and remove the plate. If the book is nice, I'll leave it be and just keep an image.

It's tough sacrificing decent (though common) books sometimes but I don't want to give up one of the biggest advantages of bookplate collecting. That is, unlike everything else I collect, bookplates take up almost no space.

Thankfully when I buy large lots/libraries the same bookplate often appears in a number of volumes so I remove the plates from the least desirable books.