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Friday, October 5, 2007

Tijuana Bibles: Betty Boop

I just picked up a rare lot of 6 "Tijuana Bibles". These were cheaply produced, 8-page stapled booklets from the 1930s-40s featuring the pornographic adventures of cartoon characters, politicians, mobsters and anyone vaguely sexy who stumbled into the public eye.

TBs were the Depression-era equivalent of the celebrity sex-tape, so turn your monitor towards the wall and enjoy "Betty Steps Out" (WARNING: Not even slightly worksafe...feeelthy in fact.)

This one is pretty well-drawn for the form. Since all of the characters (besides Betty) look line-for-line like their overground counterparts, I'm betting some tracing was involved. If your browser isn't showing it large enough to--ahem--read use the magnify function or download to your desktop.

This one and five others (including: Harold Teen, Fred "Killer" Burke, Moon Mullins) are available from my store here.


Nate said...

VERY cool. I'll have to pick some of these up.

GothicaGoth said...

I recognize the artist, "Mr Prolific" as he's nicknamed. Many TJ Bibles are by him. I don't think he traced, otherwise Betty would look correct (because surely she'd have been traced too.) I think she just was too cartooney for him to figure out how to draw, at least in time to crank out this booklet. Odds are he'd been practicing the others for some time already.