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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"World's Largest Garage Sale" Report

So it started with a comedy of errors--I rented a smaller car than planned, the campsite wouldn't budge on check-in time so we had to take two vehicles, AND I managed to get lost only a mile from the house where I grew up--but the WLGS in Warrensburg NY was fun and relatively successful. I won't make a profit on the books I purchased anytime soon but they'll take the edge off the road trip costs.

Here are some highlights:

Warrensburg is full of these beautiful, weathered Victorians. The town was built up around the paper and logging industies and when they mostly died out--during the Depression--these houses were left untouched.

If I didn't already have a name for my business "Cheap, Trashy Books" has a great ring to it.

I would've killed for this mid-century modern card table and chair set but it would take up a whole room. It's hard to make out in the picture but the chairs are actually the table legs and they rotate outward on casters. The dealer said this came from a lodge that had a set of eight. This was the last one. Anyone recognize the designer?

And more furniture I couldn't fit, afford, or carry:

A sorting station from an 1800s post office....Man would this class up my shipping department.

14 feet of oak drawers that would fit decades of crap that I don't need to look at again.

more garage sale photos on my Flickr page.

I'll be posting some of my finds from the sale over the next few days.

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