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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Analysis of the Relister

Bookride recently posted a sharp analysis of the relister phenomenon, using a single book to track the ridiculous process of price inflation:
The book goes out of print and copies start appearing at about £300 and actually sell. About a year ago there were copies on Amazon at $300 to $500. While they are still around a RELISTER (the villain of the piece) relists the genuine copies at £900 (under a thousand they tend to treble up, over that a near double is attempted.) He does not own the book but if lucky enough to get an order will buy the £300 copy and pocket the difference. Meanwhile a slightly dim bookseller flown with greed and ignorance gets a genuine copy and sees the £900 price and not realising that it's a relister's price puts £800 on his copy. All cheaper copies sell, the £900 pragmatic relister now has only the £800 one to sell if he gets an order, a crap profit and risky to boot, so he now relists at £1400 - an almost certifiable price....
Check out the full post. Hopefully it will encourage booksellers to dig around a bit more before optimistically accepting an unachievable price.

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