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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Freebird Books changes hands

Freebird Books in Red Hook Brooklyn was just purchased by Pete Miller, a publicist with Walker/Bloomsbury. Freebird is a mixed-stock new and used bookstore with a special focus on small and local presses. Since it's a haul for me, I've only been a couple of times (under the previous management) but I enjoyed the vibe, the stock, and the yummy coffee and sweets.

Miller claims that he wants it to remain a place where people “can go and hang out and not feel pressured to buy something”, but do him a favor and buy something anyway. NOTE: The store has limited hours (Thurs-Fri 6-10 [beginning after Thanksgiving weekend]; Sat-Sun 10-10), I guess because of neighborhood foot traffic and staffing costs.

While you're waiting for Freebird to open, have a meal at Alma a high-end (but not terribly high-priced) Mexican restaurant a few doors down. They have a rooftop deck with a great view of Manhattan (it's even heated and open in the winter). Everything I've tried is delicious.

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