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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hangman Bookplate

I found this bookplate some time ago (before I started collecting or bookselling) but I just turned it up in the move.

It has a great threatening hangman / executioner theme:

This boke is one thing
The halter another;
He that stealeth the one
May be sure of the other.

An eBay seller credits this to Rockwell Kent "commissioned and published by the Antioch Bookplate Company, Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1950." Barbara Gelhard (?) is faintly penciled in the lower margin.

This next is a child's homemade bookplate by "Shirley Jean, 1929":

Found in the rare 1920s children's book The Lost Princess: A Fairy Tale of Marie Queen of Roumania. I wonder if Shirley was copying her parents bookplate or if this was her own creation.

I love finding signs in children's books that the owner grew into a true bibliophile. I once found a library-like pocket made out of construction paper and held in the book with cartoon animal stamps. Very cute.

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