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Monday, November 26, 2007

My 10,000th Listing

In honor of Cyber Monday I got on the ball and listed my 10,000th book. It was Governed By Lust by Ray Majors (1969).
Helen had suppressed her lesbian tendencies all these years, and now that she was running for governor, she had to meet Marla--a beautiful blonde who looked exactly like Helen's first love. Her mind told her to run, but her body was saying something else.

It was nearly three years when ago I listed my first book, 000001--a beautiful first edition in dj of Dr. Seuss's ABC....

I was such an idealist then....How far I've fallen. Maybe if one of you had purchased my Seuss, it all could have turned out differently.

Ah well, no turning back now.

Lot's more sleaze in my pulp fiction cover gallery.

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