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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vintage Matchbooks

I just purchased several boxes of books and ephemera from the combined estate of a 60s fashion-plate, champion Siamese cat fancier and her husband, an award-winning toast-master. A VERY interesting mix of material that I'll be listing and hi-lighting over the next few weeks.

I also found a basketful of vintage matchbooks that I couldn't resist. Here's a few:

I don't know much about them but the graphics are beautiful. I never knew that print advertising could be done on the matchsticks themselves.

So, I get the cross-promotion with bowling and steak but fresh milk and nicotine? Doesn't seem like a taste sensation.

It occurs to me that the smoking ban in restaurants must have been devastating to this hobby. Makes me want to do Hang Fire Books matches...maybe with a bookshelf design on the sticks.... Probably not a good idea though. They might combust in transit.

Now I have some suitable matches for my pin-up girl ashtray.


Smithy said...

I just wanted to chime in on the Vintage Matchbooks post... I too have been bitten by the vintage matchbooks bug, so now in addition to thousands of old paperbacks and mens magazines stuffed into my office, I also have hundreds of old matchbooks (with matches) crammed into boxes and... well, a neighbor posited that this may well be a disasterous combo to collect... but I love irony so am still going strong with it.

William Smith said...

Is there a term for the matches that have printing on the sticks? I might be interested in collecting those as well as girly themed books. Is there any controversy re: removing or keeping the matches (assuming they aren't printed). I have doubles of the ones pictured as well as others if you want to trade.

Nate said...

The bowling match books are pretty cool. I bowl every Monday night with friends, and I've been picking up 50s bowling items while I'm out scouting. Good finds! Looking forward to seeing what else you dug out of the estate.