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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ditmas Exploration

Exploring the new neighborhood today with a couple of small quests to drive me.

First I needed to find a wizened hardware store proprietor who knows the quirks of the neighborhood buildings and has the bits to fix them. Side mission 1: complete! Faucet cartridge collected.

My main task was to try the new post office. This, unfortunately, was a rout. It's a tiny satellite (no PO boxes, or package pickups) with only a couple of open windows. The line filled the place at 2PM on a Wednesday afternoon...not a good sign. And what a line! There was an aggressive cat lady who made the place smell like a stale litterbox, a Japanese woman in a SARS mask trying to ship a digital camera in a tissue box (via UPS mind you) and an elderly man, who--immediately after I tapped his arm to let him know he dropped his glove--shot an ENORMOUS snot rocket into the overflowing trash can next to my foot. I had to avert my eyes and keep the gag reflex in check the entire 28 minutes I stood in line. The staff was nice and helpful to a fault. If they snapped at a few Mo-mos the line might have moved faster.

Guess I'll be bike-messengering it back to the old PO. They're tough but fair and I've already won their respect.

I also discovered 2 new sit-down Mexican restaurants to sample, and a place for Jamaican patties. Still haven't found a bar that suits...

So I don't know what it says about me, but I kept hearing the Legend of Zelda village theme while urban exploring and thinking "What can this quaint shopkeeper offer me on my perilous journey?"

I think this completely un-Brooklyn archway of trees must have set it off

I'll get a better picture during the daytime but it's completely fairy tale.

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