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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Recent Estate Sale Finds

I mentioned a few posts back that I purchased books from the estate of a champion cat fancier/fashion plate and her husband an award-winning toast master.

I finally made it through the boxes and I thought I'd hi-light some of my best finds:

What Shall I Wear?: The What, Where, When and How Much of Fashion
by Claire McCardell

Simon & Shuster 1956

A difficult book to find in any condition but here's one in the jacket and autographed.

Excerpted from Wikipedia:
Claire McCardell (1905-1958) was an American Fashion designer. Her clothes were functional with clean lines and an American look. She is known for her wrap-around sashes, monastic dresses, harem pajamas, and large pockets with top stitching. She launched her career as a designer under the supervision of Robert Turk. When he died in an accident in the early 1930s, Claire was made head designer. She found success in the fall season of 1938 with her monastic dress, one that had no back, front, or zipper, but was tied to fit the wearer. She kept designing for Robert Turk's, Townley, until her death in 1958. Her clothing is still recognized as timeless American sportswear.
The book is beautifully designed with McCardell's elongated, cartoon figures in the margins of nearly every page and a fold-out glossary of "McCardellisms".

Boy Scout Handbook
(Revised Handbook, First Edition, 3rd Printing)

Classic Americana with the Norman Rockwell cover. Not super-rare but the first one I've turned up and it's good to know what it looks like.

The Dog Cantbark
by Marjorie Fischer

Random House, 1940 First Edition

A charming children's book about a dog raised by musicians who isn't allowed to bark lest he disturb their practice. In dust jacket with no crayon marks (a rare occurrence with vintage kids' books).

Playboy's Book of Forbidden Words
Edited by Robert Anton Wilson

Playboy Press, 1974

A handy book to have if you want to know when a woman is "flying bravo" or if you're in the market for a "merkin". I was mystified about the relatively high demand for it though, until I focused on the editor and noticed it was Robert Anton Wilson, author of the cult conspiracy epic the Illuminatus Trilogy.

And lastly:

A box-full of vintage Air France silverware from the mid-60s. I love the mod design, especially the tiny paddle-shaped knife (and yes that's me looking even more pear-shaped than usual in the unfortunate spoon reflection...but fully clothed you reflectoporn pervs).

I love finding a few odd items to keep as mementos once the books (hopefully) fly off to new homes. Can't wait to picnic with these.

Also I'm currently running several auctions from this estate, including one for antique German lace craft books and patterns, and one for cat show souvenir booklets and ephemera. Check them out if interested.

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Real estate brochure said...

hahahah reflectpornpervs! I really enjoyed Playboy's Book of Forbidden Words i actually took it from a friend i couldnt find it around in the stores. This is a great post! Thanks for this ill be trying to find the other books.