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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bookseller's Gazette

I started a new feature over at the Bookshop Blog called The Bookseller's Gazette.

My intent with the Gazette is to collect references to specific rare/out-of-print books that turn up in current magazine articles, tv and radio shows, blog posts, etc. Media notices of this type are a big driver of the used and rare book trade and I'd like to collect these references in one place so alert booksellers can take advantage of spikes in demand.

It's going to be a group project so I'll need everyone's eyes and ears. I’m looking for stories from non-specialist publications (not Fine Books and Collections, for example, because most booksellers already read it) with national/international audiences that contain reference to rare or out-of-print book titles. English only for now, unless you want to do the translation.

I know book dealers have to carefully guard their sources, but I believe this is the kind of information that will benefit everyone to share.

Please send your tips here (change “(at)” to @). Match the format below if possible, otherwise just give me enough info to find it. I’ll give credit and/or a link for any tips I use.

Radio: NPR - WNYC “Fishko Files” 12/21/07
Biographical essay on outrageous jazz musician and bandleader, Cab Calloway with a mention of his reference book on African-American Slang The Hepster’s Dictionary (no copies currently on ABE, several wants).
Here's the first installment: Bookseller's Gazette #1. It’s short…and a little dated but will become more robust with your help.

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