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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Arthur Bittner was a seaman, landlocked in a large midwestern city. He had peculiar urges...and he started searching for something to put down the strange impulses of desire...but in the words of a local bookseller this was 'a tight town; no hot books here.' And so the vicarious means to settle the blood-lust coursing through Bittner's body were unavailable. And once the sickness had taken hold, nothing could act as an antidote to Bittner's sex-crazed, poisoned mind.
See? I provide a valuable depraved landlocked sailors anyway.

Looks like a Bilbrew cover but I'm not 100%.

New stuff in the Pulp Fiction Cover Gallery and a new organizational system. The Sex/Cheesecake set was getting out of control so I broke it down by decade. It's actually much more illuminating now that all the traveling salesmen, bored suburban housewives, beatniks, JDs, and hippies are sorted into their appropriate time periods.

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Mystery is next in the queue for a good working over.

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Silent-Porn-Star said...

Neither sailor nor landlocked, but depraved; so I thank you :)