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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recent Bookplates and Tickets

I recently went through my book database looking for notations of bookplates entered before I started collecting. I extracted a few nice ones:

First, from the "East Hampton Free Library, Marjorie Woodhouse Memorial Collection, 1935". a beautifully detailed plate by designer George Wharton Edwards, 1859-1950. (click for larger version).

Edwards was an American Impressionist painter, and the art director for Collier's Magazine from 1898-1903. While at Collier's he worked with Maxfield Parrish, Remington, Jessie Willcox Smith and others.

Next this attractive German-language pastoral plate "Mein Buch, Herma Lang" found in a volume from 1924.

Next this personal bookplate from Frances Steloff, founder of the late, lamented Gotham Book Mart:

And lastly two bookseller tickets: "H. Tuchner, Buchhandlung" from a 1924 volume and this beautiful, two-tone medallion from booksellers and publishers "The Sunwise Turn Inc, 51 East 44th Street, NYC". An interesting sounding book titled Sunwise Turn: A Human Comedy of Bookselling was written about this shop by Madge Jenison in 1923.

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