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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Robert Bonfils Newsstand Library Covers

I just scanned in a few great Newsstand Library covers by pulp artist extraordinaire, Robert Bonfils:

Craftsmanship and reproduction-wise the Newsstand covers are some of my favorite work of his. I'm not sure why they're not more widely collected (maybe because Newsstand didn't have as interesting a stable of pseudonymous writers as did Nightstand/Corinth--Lawrence Block, Donald Westlake, Robert Silverberg, Harlan Ellison, et al). That means that you can grab them up for the covers at nice affordable prices though.

I spent all of yesterday working through this massive pile of sleaze pbs.

Now I'm completely cross-eyed, and I feel like the kid who got caught smoking and then his Dad makes him finish a whole carton.

See the fruits of my sickness in the Pulp Fiction Cover Gallery (now broken down by decade), and shop for smut in my PB new arrivals.

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UPDATE: Speaking of filth, I busted out all of my sleaze, sexploitation links into their own section in the side-bar.

Venture not, if ye are below the age of XVIII or bonded in IX to V servitude (nsfw).

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