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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gay / Lesbian Pulp Covers

I added a few nice covers to my Gay / Lesbian Pulp Fiction Cover Gallery.

First this great Robert Bonfils skin-diving cover (I love the frame of undulating seaweed and the shorts tanline): Venus of Lesbos by Steve Bell (Newsstand Library 1961).

and then Slim by William Wister Haines (Bantam, 1959). The text of this book isn't explicitly gay, but come on...

Not sure who the artist was.

Slim was made into the 1937 film Starring Henry Fonda.

Lastly Paul Rader's fantastic cover for Her Private Hell (Midwood, 1963), featuring a really innovative use of side-boob.


Sanjay said...
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Anonymous said...

"Slim" is actually a very good novel about the dangers of working in the electric power industry during the boom days of the 1920s-30s, perfect for those who like Depression-era hard times fiction e.g. Steinbeck, or the current crop of dangerous jobs reality TV. There's some sex in it which is entirely hetero. I'm not sure what Bantam was thinking with that cover from the 1959 reprint.

William Smith said...

I know. I've actually sold nice copies of the 1st. Just couldn't resist placing it here with that beefcake cover.