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Friday, February 22, 2008

High-Five Fridays #6

Yet five more things I liked this week.

#1. A gallery of vintage condom wrappers from the 1930s-40s with great colorful graphics. I can't imagine more ephemeral bits of paper. If your grandparents weren't in such a hurry that they ripped them to shreds (or crumpled them in shame), then the contents of the packet should have moldered and ruined them. Gallery curated by Ethan Persoff, link via Silent Porn Star.

#2. Bookhunter, hard-boiled adventures of library police. A 1970s-set, crime thriller comic about the recovery of a rare tome, stolen from the Oakland Public Library. Loosely based on a real case, the comic is manga-paced with CSI details of book-binding knots and card catalogs. The art is a bit on the crude side but stick with it. Shiga Books, link via Making Light.

#3. An ode to the likeable characters that wander through your shop by a bookseller on a much needed vacation (who's feeling home sick apparently), The Book Trout.

#4. Internet Commerce: Building a Bridge to the 20th Century: A look at the changing face of internet bookselling and thoughts about the future. Tom Nealon for The Bookshop Blog.

#5. Who is N.R. De Mexico? by Fender Tucker: A print article in Paperback Parade #69 on the mysterious pulp novelist who penned the highly sought-after 1951 novel Marijuana Girl (which has been snatched from my claws TWICE now). Purchase an omnibus of De Mexico's work from Ramble House here.

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SlipOfAGirl said...

When I worked retail, I named my customers and visitors too -- apparently it's a public service illness ;)

Perhaps now you'll be able to name someone "Saves The Condom Wrapper Guy" lol

I'm up here and here.

Silent-Porn-Star said...

So many cool things here -- I'm likely to waste more time on the Internets ;)

You've actually been close to 'Marijuana Girl'? Wow. That's special in and of itself.

Thanks for the fiver too :)

Nathan - Bat Country Books said...

The condom wrappers are pretty neat.. I love the Blondtex wrapper. I've seen the metal tins before, but never these!

Val Gryphin said...

Wow, to be honest, I didn't even realize that they sold condoms in the 30's.

Marketing Whore said...

Dude, thievery in the 70's?! What's not to luv!

Silent-Porn-Star said...

I also wanted to show you this post I made on working Friday nights in the bookstore. If you want to use it in a post, then just delete this comment ;)

Pop Tart said...

The link to #4 doesn't work, but I found it at the site. The link is here (just in case the post is bumped too far down). It's a nice history piece and I'm curious to see what the next installment holds.

I'm up three places:

and here.

William Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
William Smith said...

Slip: We had a whole dramatis personae at the last B+M store I worked in. Including a bus driver who'd invented his own color-based language to talk to babies (?), and woman who would constantly nag this enormous and smelly st. Bernhard who would just flop, harried and depressed across half the store. Can't say I miss them per se but it was certainly entertaining.

SPS: I've been within sniping distance of MG but never actually touched it. I loved your tale of Friday night bookstore lonelyhearts (and the vintage computer mags which are somehow sexier than 1980s Penthouse).

PopTart: Thanks for watching my back link-wise.