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Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Plates and Tickets

I found a great new cache of ungleaned vintage books with some nice inventory and ephemera (and no I won't talk since it will take a few trips to get through all of them).

Here's my new acquisitions:

A "King's Walden" bookplate from an 1826 volume of Scott published in Edinburg, showing a snake twined around crossed arrows. King's Walden is north of London in Hertfordshire (not sure what the crest indicates. Anybody?).

and then this "F. and M. Weston" Raven plate (found in the 1907 Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography). There's a volume entitled Camera Pictures of Malta authored by an F. and M. Weston, but not sure if it's the same pair.

This "Arbury, Elizabeth and Lea Berger" bookplate (found in a 1908 collected George Eliot). Not a beauty but it seems to indicate a very particular garden location that I'm curious about.

Lastly a few tickets: "The Book Shop, 5 Grosvenor Building, Providence Rhode Island", found in While Benefit Street Was Young, a 1943 Providence history; "Old Corner Book Store, Boston Mass. 1828-1928", found in Jan and Cora Gordon's On Wandering Wheels, 1928; and "Charles E. Lauriat, Co., Importers and Booksellers, 385 Washington Street Boston", found in a 1917 John Masefield poetry collection. Lauriet was a survivor of the sinking of the Lusitania and his stores were in business until 1999.

UPDATE: There's a beautiful image of the Old Corner Bookstore (a large, hi-rez scan sourced from a glass plate negative) posted on Shorpy: The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog.

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