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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trunk Stories #4, Part I

Readers of this blog may or--more likely--may not be aware that for the last five years I've been publishing a 'zine entitled Trunk Stories, a tiny magazine of literary fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

In that half a decade TS has staggered into print three times (with the fourth issue on hold while lots of life got in the way).

At this point printing costs have climbed past reasonable levels for me. Not wanting to give it up, I've decided to integrate Trunk Stories into the Hang Fire bookstore and blog as a virtual reading series. So without further ado, here's the first story in the newborn 'zine.
A once notorious stage actress--a contemporary of Sarah Bernhardt--goes to outlandish means to recapture her former glory; set in a provincial town in upstate New York.

Tobias Seamon is author of the novel The Magician's Study (Turtle Point Press) and a chapbook of poetry Loosestrife Along the River Styx (Foothills Publishing). Other work has appeared such places as the Mississippi Review, the Rhysling Anthology, and Strange Horizons. He lives in Albany, New York.

Timothy Dedman is a writer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York.

Trunk Stories online is an evolving project that may eventually produce limited edition chapbooks, dramatic readings of short stories, and animated illustrations (I'm pie-in-the-skying-it here). I went pdf with this since my web-coding chops are lacking (and this way you can print if you absolutely can't read fiction on-screen). I'd love to hear your comments. Leave them below or e-mail me.

Back issues of Trunk Stories can be purchased from the side-bar (Issue #1 is OP and can be downloaded for free).

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