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Friday, March 28, 2008

High-Five Fridays #11

#1. Bookthink reports on the Wikipedia effort to include first edition points for collectible books together with the author entries.

#2. There may be some kind of meme implosion here but Collector's Quest had a great "Thursday 13" post on retro kitsch items that you want to collect but can't because they were too damn fragile. I want a hobby wall panel.

#3. Stunning bookshelf, the "Library Dechirico" from studio Made 75. Happily (unlike most of the bookshelves I've seen talked-up recently that hold about two volumes or place books in gratingly inappropriate places like the bathroom) this shelf unit is functional and interestingly modular. Unfortunately I'm less enthusiastic about the flash heavy website so I can't say if/where the shelf is available for purchase. Link via The Blog on the Bookshelf.

#4. Bookseller and blogger J. Godsey sells a wide variety of book restoration supplies and, through the Sic Press, the essential Unbound: Book Repair for Booksellers which has become my new 36-page saddle-stitched Bible. I almost can't wait to find up a book with uneven dyeing, crayon scribbles or a loose signature.

#5. And because I'm tired of thinking, a sexy film montage of classic starlets in silk stockings. Vintage Girly Mags.

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Stuart Hallam said...

Came at this via a confirmation on a book ordered.
Particularly like your piece on repairing the bible and an earlier one ( which I've cut and pasted) on renovating/rejuvenating an Encyclopaedia Britannica.
As a recently (early) retired BOF with a serious squirrel complex and a fascination for books, My hope is to renovate various items (books, pottery etc).
Then again, there's a damn fine bottle of wine not bing drunk - perhaps I'll remedy that first.

William Smith said...

Thanks For checking out my blog Stuart. Good to know someone follows the links in those confirmation e-mails.

Best of luck in you book rejuvenating. I highly recommend the "Unbound" (mentioned in this post) as a good foundation text.