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Friday, March 7, 2008

High-Five Fridays #8

#1. Buying and Selling Civil War Ephemera, Part I: Photographic Images: An info-rich introduction to collecting, appraising and selling Civil War-era photographs. The first installment on a series about Civil War ephemera, Michele Behan for Bookthink.

#2. Long discussion thread on "shocking" or "controversial" content in a young adult novels by a writer who's been asked why she includes such material one too many times, Justine Larbalestier and continued on Oached Pish.

#3. Flying off the Shelves: Piece on the agony and ecstasy of chasing shoplifters from an ex-clerk in an independent bookstore. The Stranger, link via Gwenda Bond at Shaken & Stirred.

#4. Can You Tune in Tokyo?: Cute cheesecake/pin-up style vintage radio with nipples for dials, Silent Porn Star.

#5. Ross MacDonald and Liberation: A post from Tor's Art director on using letterpress printing to capture the look of 19th-century runaway slave posters for the cover of a new novel by Brian Francis Slattery, The Art Department.

and one extra because I couldn't trim the list.

#6. There Are No Morals in Bookselling: Account of a bookseller who was seriously burned on an eBay purchase and the overwhelming desire for vengeance, Tom Nealon for The Bookshop Blog.

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SlipOfAGirl said...

That last story was amazing -- in that, "oh yeah, been there" sort of a way. Only the save at the end has been too optional for me ;)

(PS Got your email -- will reply today.)

William Smith said...

Yeah I've met some scammers that have left me slackjawed. It's such a sad and pathetic way to make a few bucks. Thankfully I usually come out (barely) ahead.

Hope that pamphlet has your name on it.


Secondhand Rose said...

That post to Justine Larbalestier's thoughts/rant reminds me of the bickering & in fighting in the world of writing in general.

I've had similar (and worse) exp when I began 'writing smut' (fiction and nonfiction) -- and even more when it sold. (The audacity!) Then again, the adult authors weren't thrilled that I'd gone PSO... I have several pen names/id's because of it all. :sigh:

Jealousy is, I think, a huge part of it; writers behaving no better than kids in school, thinking if they tear another down they somehow magically become better for it. Ugh.

Val Gryphin said...

I really enjoyed #s 3, 4, 5 and 6, but 2 was really interesting - I'm going to take that one on in a post I think.