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Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Bookplate and Ephemera

Here's a few newly acquired pieces of ephemera. No theme, I just accumulated a pile.

First this personalized 1939-1940 school library pocket from the Boulevard School (likely in Gloversville, NY but I'm not sure).

I wonder if the aloof-looking girl sketched on the pocket was the crush object of one of the boys on the check-out slip.

Next this beautiful plate that was one of the few prizes collected at the FOL sale I bitched about recently.

I found this using the Bookplate Junkie's tip of looking through foreign language sections because they generally contain a heavier concentration of plates. I guess since the owners cared enough about their libraries to transport them overseas, it's more likely that they would attend to niceties like bookplates

The plate's signed but I don't recognize the mark. This is the best it will scan. It was in a volume from 1931.

Lastly this fairly plain ticket from Almy's Book Shop, Salem Massachusetts, found in a 1921 volume.

Can't find much about the store, except that at some point it may have been replaced by a Burlington Coat Factory (or maybe that was the department store of the same name).


martyweil said...

The school library pocket is something I hadn't thought of as a possible focus of an ephemera collection. I wonder if anyone is specializing in collecting those. If so, I'd love to profile such a collection on my blog. Great items!

Slackeyed said...

I'm from Gloversville and I notice one of the names on that jacket...last name "Bates"..

Very interesting...from high school sweetheart had the same last name...I wonder if it's her dad or uncle.

William Smith said...

Marty: There are definitely library ephemera collectors out there but I don't know if anyone specializes in pockets.

Slackeyed: Cool! That's exactly why I post these things. I've reunited more than one person with a piece of paper from their past.