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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Possessed: Documentary on Hoarding

POSSESSED from Martin Hampton on Vimeo.

An eloquent twenty-minute documentary on hoarders. Explores the lives of four people through their obsessive relationship with possessions (mostly grocery bags, used cotton balls, old porn and empty toothpaste tubes).

Depressing but fascinating. I partially depend on these people to accumulate inventory for me (which I eventually purchase from overwhelmed relatives). I also know that I would only have to be tuned a couple of degrees to go down this road myself.

Link via BoingBoing

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Pop Tart said...

OK, so I first just came here to say that as I gave late high-fives, you could too... But then I found this post and must now whore my own link on hoarding.

Whoring done, I now return to the elbow in the ribs for a belated Friday post. (Hey, I backed you up with the hoarding thing, so join me in lame late posting lol)