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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pulp is flowing once again

I beat my scanner into submission and cleared my backed-up covers. Lots of great new additions to the Pulp Fiction Cover Gallery. (Including the ultra rare Charles Willeford pictured above).

Plus here are some artist links into the cover set, my inventory and a bio page (where available) to provide another way of browsing:

James Avati: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Rudolph Belarski: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Gene Bilbrew: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Robert Bonfils: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Rafael DeSoto: Flickr - Buy
Ed Emshwiller: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Jack Gaughan: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Mitchell Hooks: Flickr - Buy
Ray Johnson: Flickr - Buy
Robert Maguire: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Barye Phillips: Flickr - Buy
Paul Rader: Flickr - Buy
Harry Schaare: Flickr - Buy
Eric Stanton: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Ron Turner: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Wally Wood: Flickr - Bio - Buy
Stanley Zuckerberg: Flickr - Buy

These are mostly permalinks for me but I thought I'd make them a public resource. I'll put this post in the "popular posts" section at right if you want to see new additions from these artists.



Don Lee said...

can I cross link your site to my noir blog "Whiskey Bottle Over Jesus" at

Don Lee

William Smith said...

Sure. Thanks.