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Monday, April 21, 2008

1950 NYC Business Directory

I just listed this copy of the Greater New York City and Surrounding Territories Business Classified Directory: The Modern Buyers Guide 1950. It's a fascinating historical record of mid-century NY commerce and all of the phone numbers are in the classic tough-guy (cause I only hear it in gangster movies) format with the first two numbers of the exchange made into a word, ex: "PLaza 7-6300".

There are some really bizarre business categories included like "Adult Games -- Jbrs", "Doll-Voices -- Mfrs" and more, but most interesting to me was the full page of listings for book- related businesses; binders, publishers, book clothe manufacturers and more. Here's the book entries.

Page 1, Page 2

Amazing how many binderies are listed.

Please DON'T call these numbers.


thomas said...

Do you still have this book and if so could you look up a number for me.
I would be willing to pay a small fee for a picture of a particular page.

thomas said...

Any chance you still have this book?
If so would you be willing to help out and look up a number?

William Smith said...

I do. Email me to work out details hangfirebooks at Gmail dot com