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Friday, April 11, 2008

Brooklyn Flea

I attended the debut of the Brooklyn Flea last weekend. I meant to post this Monday as a review but I waited so long I guess it's a preview for this coming Sunday.

All in all it was a decent mix of vendors, the space was nice and will allow plenty of room for expansion. The food selection was yummy but pastry/breakfast heavy and there were some coffee complications that will hopefully be ironed-out next time. Food highlight was the filled-to-order mini-canolis!

There wasn't much in the way of books or ephemera (but they may have been scared off by the iffy weather report and heavy wind). Housing Works was represented by a small book table but the stock was general interest and nothing caught my eye. Most of the vintage dealers had the standard single box of unsorted crappy books, I picked up two or three things but that was it. I understand that Lewis Jaffe of the Bookplate Junkie blog will have a table this coming Sunday so I'm looking forward to seeing his offerings.

When I first heard about this flea--and started following the promo blog--I was afraid it would only be high-end items. I did see some decent junk though. But it's a pet peeve of mine that if you're going to ask top dollar, CLEAN YOUR JUNK so it at leasts appears worth it. I'm thinking of one dealer who had a nice selection of 1960s kitchenware and Gex-Xey tchotchkes but everything was way too grungy and rust-flecked for the marked prices (and unless I'm buying a 2-foot stack of books, I'm not a bargainer, I'll just walk away).

Also in the mix was a nice assortment of original arts/crafts from web-savvy crafters and etsy sellers. Here are few of the highights:

The Small Book Company: Miniature hand-bound books as earrings.

I missed these at the flea and only discovered them in an etsy coupon booklet so I'm not sure about the functionality/contents. I like the earring hardware. It reminds me of the days when books were unique and incredibly expensive and had to be chained to the shelves in reading rooms. Hooking them to your ear is much more secure.

Drink and Dream: Hipster, Rockabilly and Punk icons printed on window-blinds.

The artist does custom designs and window fittings. They had a great booth display with the blinds attached to vintage/beat-up old window frames. I need to do some thinking about who I want looking down on me.

Kimmchi Unique Jewelry and Tee Shirts: Floral and graffiti inspired designs silk-screened on American Apparel t-shirts.

I like the placement of the designs and the artist told me it was all about avoiding boob-induced distortion.

Odette NY offered this attractive silver Jellyfish Pendant

as well as some spooky Watership Down-looking rabbits.

Lots to look for. I'll see you next Sunday!

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