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Saturday, April 5, 2008

High-Five Fridays #12

Day late but not a dollar short.

#1. Extinct Attractions Club: Fan site that compiles and sells Books and DVDs on vintage Disneyland rides and attractions. I found them because they bought an elaborate 1950s Disneyland papercraft book from me. I hope they assemble it and take pictures.

#2. Deep Value: A paean to simple and repairable technology that's recession and global catastrophe proof, Abi Sutherland on Making Light.

#3. Retro-Futurism from Modern Mechanix: Yesterday's Tomorrow Today. Scan blog of innovative, quirky, and bizarre ideas from a technology magazine begun in 1928. And while you're at it check out Grandpa's Secrets, an eBay store specializing in vintage hobby plans from similar magazines.

#4. The Earl Kemp Interview: Part 1 of a gonzo journalism interview with Earl Kemp, science fiction critic and editor of Greenleaf Classics the groundbreaking 1960s erotic paperback publisher, Silent Porn-Star.

#5. Upward Departure: Fascinating blog on book theft; methods, law and consequences. This is why having an open shop would kill me. Link via Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis.

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Val Gryphin said...

Loosing a day but keeping the dollar is the way to go!